Who really is Victoria Igloi?

Who really is Victoria Igloi?


Who really is Victoria Igloi?

By: Sofia Igloi


You may think you know this Hermosa mom, but what makes her so cool?

Did you know that Victoria got her first modeling agent when she was just seventeen years old? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world shooting commercials and posing for magazine covers? Victoria has done it all.


Victoria grew up in Laguna Beach, California. She went to Laguna Beach high school, she also played indoor volleyball one of her years. “ I took several different acting classes at a community college. My biggest regret is that I did not take the time to go to a University. Once I started working and traveling I never lived in the same place long enough to enroll back in college.” she tells me.

She says, “ I started posing for pictures around twelve because my mom was a photographer, but an artist, so it really wasn’t the same as fashion. When I was seventeen I got my first agent so I started doing runway shows and eventually worked my way to print.” Victoria traveled and consistently worked for twenty years and part time for another ten years. Victoria loved to travel and see new places, the extraordinary part was how many places she had been to at such a young age. “ Basically, if a client liked you they would direct book you and fly you into the locations where they were shooting. When I was nineteen I went to work in Paris then Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Australia, England, Japan, Singapore, and even South Africa. I met many wonderful people in my years of living in different countries.” Victoria says.

If you are one for seeing new places, you might think traveling around the world for work would be unbelievable, but there can be some downsides to it. “The scariest thing for me was shooting a commercial in the Bahamas where I played a shark photographer. I had been living in Australia and got my diving certificate . I was doing underwater shots in a shark cage with black tip reef sharks. When I came to shoot I saw people putting a wig on a women that looked very much like me but had different hair. They told me that she was my stunt double, I  asked them what for and they said that the next shot will be without the shark cage. I ended up doing the shot without the shark cage but it was terrifying. The sharks were being baited and they went into a frenzy. The diver working the bait box was attacked, he lost the top of his ear and his head had a three inch laceration. They took him to the hospital in a speed boat, I was pulled out by my safety diver and was able to use my prop (an underwater camera) to keep the sharks off my head. It was so scary I was not able to sleep that night.” Victoria explained.


Every now and then Victoria was forced to turn down jobs. “I never quit a job, but I did turn down jobs. When I first started modeling I would take a minimum booking of two hours, but when I had regular clients like Speedo, Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, and Macy’s I no longer accepted anything smaller than a  whole day of  booking. I also chose not to do cigarette and or fur campaigns.” she explained. Though, Victoria also sees her work as fun because she got the opportunity to meet new people, some even famous. “I did a lot of runway shows with famous supermodels and I also got to shoot part of a movie with Bill Murray.” She says, happily.

Victoria Igloi is an enthusiastic and successful person. She has done it all, from sharks to being fired because she was just five minutes late! The amount of hard work she put into her job in just thirty years is incredible.