The Six Man in Manhattan Beach

The Six Man in Manhattan Beach

The Six Man is a tournament in Mahattan beach where you can sign up only if you have a sponsered team that has more than six players. It is a series of two days usually, but is sometimes one day because there isn’t a lot of teams that year.


My family’s life basically revolves around volleyball. My dad, Shawn Davis, was a professional beach player when he was in his 20’s and 30’s. He was in the 1991 Chicago semi-finals and played with his partner Eric Boyles. He’s been in commercials and played in a lot more tournaments all around the world. My mom plays beach volleyball and my sister and I play beach and indoor. I’ve grown up playing volleyball and watching volleyball  because my parents really enjoyed playing it when I was born. Volleyball is how they met a long time ago.


Both of my parents played and still play in the Six Man. My dad is sponsored and represents Good Stuff which is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has won and placed in the Six Man about five times. In 2007 he placed second in the men’s open, 2010 he got ninth in the men’s open, then in 2012 he got first in the men’s masters. Again in 2013 placed first in men’s master, and 2014 got second in the men’s masters.


Eleven years ago, Charlie Saikley passed away. He was known as “The godfather of beach volleyball.” He was the man 41 years ago,who brought the Manhattan Beach Six Man volleyball tournament to the South Bay. The many six man teams dress up in costumes and compete, play volleyball and party. Many teams camp out in front of Manhattan Beach city Hall for up to 20 hours for a chance to play. Most teams are turned away to play because of the extreme level of competition. This tournament is almost always booked solid for several months in advance. Many former AVP (association of volleyball professionals) pros compete real hard to help their team win the tournament.


In 2011 the Manhattan Beach mayor wanted to cancel that years Six Man but it was too late. He wanted to do this because that summer the teams decreased. Last Six Man there were 237 teams and in the year 2011 there were only 85 teams. The city officials were trying to find a way to pay for this event if more teams didn’t show up to play. They needed $202,000 dollars to pay for this tournament, but with all the teams the money added up to 102,000. Since it was way too late to cancel the tournament they just had to have the city or others to pay for this shortfall. I’m guessing that if the major canceled the 2011 Six Man it wouldn’t have kept going into 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and many more years because more teams would have forgot about it and wouldn’t want to play.


I’ve asked my dad a few questions about the six man and here are his responses: “Do you enjoy playing in this tournament?” I asked.

“Yes I do, because the 6-man is a tradition and all the best players come to play. It was a huge honor to win so many times.” my dad said.

“Is this tournament fun for you?” I asked.

“Yes it is.” he exclaimed.

“Do you like the team(s) that you’ve played with?” I questioned.

“Yes I have, a lot of my friends played on my team.” he answered.

“Do you like how competitive the 6-man is?” I said.

“Yes.” my dad informed.

“What makes you like and dislike this tournament?” I questioned.

“I like the 6-man because I get to see my friends that I have not seen in a long time and the competition. I dislike the tournament because sometimes teams get out of hand and are not very nice.” he answered.

My last question was,”What is your favorite part of the 6-man.”

“The finals when you know it is the last game and you could win it all if you win.” he exclaimed.


The Six Man tournament is a very honorable tradition where you feel honored to play in because of the history this tournament has and all of the pro players that come to play every year. My dad’s reponses show how he loves this tournament and his passion for it and most other players probably feel the same way. Even I go down to watch in Manhattan Beach and I even played in kids Six Man just like it because I really enjoy the whole concept of the tournament. I also placed second with my team.This article shows the way the 6-man is and much more. Also how personal it can get to families, such as mine.