Grey’s Anatomy: The Truth Behind it

Grey's Anatomy: The Truth Behind it

The crash. What caused everyone pain. A plane crashed in Grey’s Anatomy and injured or killed many of the main people in Grey’s Anatomy. It was a tragic moment for everyone and brought tears to many eyes. Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional TV show that is about medical drama. It’s mainly around a group of surgeons that are all friends and are working at Seattle Grace hospital. Out of all of the people in the show, it is mainly geared towards Meredith Grey.


If you have ever seen Grey’s Anatomy or even heard of it, you probably know some of the most dramatic scenes. In season 2 episode 25, Izzie Cuts Denny’s LVAD wire. Denny had a big heart problem that could kill him soon and Izzie was trying to save his life. Izzie thought that by doing so, it would look like he needed the most help and he would be bumped up the transplant list for a new heart. Now would that really help in real life? If someone ever cut an LVAD wire in real life it would kill the patient way faster than a good transplant heart could ever be found. Dr. Randy Guttridge has stated, “It is highly unlikely that someone would even do so knowing how dangerous it is.” Heart Transplants only happen so often and it is a very extended process. After doing so, Izzie fell asleep in her prom dress laying with Denny with all of her friends watching over her. In real life, you would be arrested instantly for cutting the wire.


Is it realistic that doctors could find time to sit together at lunch? In Grey’s Anatomy, the group of friends shifts are all at the same time and they find the time for all of them to sit together at lunch. At a real hospital, the shifts are normally at odd times, either the early morning or late at night and many people are never working at the same time. Barbara Robinson is a nurse and has said that shifts are very different from the other people working with you and you don’t see them as often as you would like to. The shifts in Grey’s Anatomy start early in the morning and  they leave late at night. In real life terms, there are not always 24 hour shifts, but they do still occur for medical purposes. The Attendings do have longer hours which is shown in Grey’s Anatomy, but the residents do not and they come in shifts.


Would you trust a medical intern doing surgery on you? In Grey’s Anatomy, many residents and interns did difficult procedures on their own for different circumstances. In real life, people do not perform surgery until they have passed many tests and can prove to the attendings that they are skilled enough to even touch the patient. Stephanie Auffrey is now a doctor and has gone through her residency and internship to get to where she is. Dr. Auffrey said that it took her many years to learn everything that she needed to know and took a while to show that she could be trusted to do an important procedure. Mostly the years of internship in real life, you’re just observing in on procedures to understand more about what it is and how to go forward with it. Grey’s Anatomy can get people to be inspired to be a doctor, but it is really nothing like that in real life situations.


In Grey’s Anatomy they are very lenient when mistakes are made. When it comes to blowing up clinical trials, being rude to staff, and doing bad things to make the hospital look bad, it wouldn’t be so easy in real life. If you were to do something like that a real hospital, they wouldn’t even have to think twice about firing you. In Grey’s Anatomy, they all develop really emotional feeling towards each other and it makes them do crazy things that can interfere with their professional careers. The whole surgical staff in Grey’s Anatomy are all really close friends, so they make it easy on each other when mistakes are being made. Grey’s Anatomy makes it look like being a doctor and making mistakes that could kill the patient are acceptable and will pass in real life.


A hospital surgical floor would get out of hand if all the interns and residents could switch surgeons whenever they felt like it. In Grey’s Anatomy, the interns and residents traded services whenever they felt like it. If one of them had a personal problem with one of the attendings, they would just ask to trade with another resident or intern so they wouldn’t have to see them. In real life, there is a set rotation that they all have to follow and they cannot just switch services that they are on when they feel like it. This system is what keeps hospitals running and not getting extremely out of hand.


Residents may think that they have all the freedom in the world. Residents do have a lot of work to do, but in Grey’s Anatomy it is portrayed that the residents can go to all the surgeries they want and make all the decisions. In real life situations, the attendings are the ones in charge and they decide whether the resident can perform surgeries. Attendings are the ones with all of the power over their surgical profession. They make all of the calls and keep the surgical floor moving at a steady pace.


Grey’s Anatomy is a real attention grabbing show that gets people interested and wanting more. Even though the facts aren’t perfectly correct, it is still a great TV show and will always be memorable. Would you still want to be a doctor after knowing the truth about Grey’s Anatomy?