The Art of Photography


     Why do people take pictures? Why do people take videos? Is it just a time consuming activity for people? Photography is not just an art. It captures memories of families, friends, or even places you have been. The art of photography is important and should be remembered throughout all of the changes in the world.

     Photography has changed dramatically over time. At first, it was not available to the general public. Not a lot of people could afford a camera. After a while, more people could afford cameras. You would only get a certain amount of film for your camera, so you would have to buy more film at a Film Center. Then digital photography took photography to another level. You did not have to buy film anymore! Next came cameras on phones, which allowed people to have a camera wherever they went. Once there was phone cameras, people started posting pictures on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook. Now, everyone is posting on social media and commenting on other people’s posts.

     Another thing that you should know about photography is that people take photos to help them remember things that they have done in the past. People wonder what it was like in the past, so why not take photos to help them? Capturing life moments is important to a lot of people, so they end up taking pictures and videos to help them make the special moments last.

     The next thing about photography is that there are professional photographers that you can hire to take photos of you or your family or anyone that you want to remember. My mom is a professional photographer. Her website is Missy Marie Photography. I love that my mom is a professional photographer because she can take pictures of me and help me to remember my childhood. I can also look at her photos when she is editing them and see all of the other families that want to remember what their lives were like when they get older. One of the things that I want to do when I grow up is to be a professional photographer. I asked my mom why she likes being a photographer, and she said, “I enjoy being a photographer because I like being the creator of unique images for people and their families.”

     The last thing that I will be informing you about the art of photography is that anyone can learn to take good, memorable photos. You can access a camera on your phone, other devices, or you can buy a real camera. Learning to take photos can be easy or difficult, depending on what type of camera you have. A real camera has better quality, but is harder to learn to use. A phone or other device is easy to use and the quality depends on what type of phone you have. You can learn how to use a camera by looking it up on YouTube or finding a website that tells you how to use one. In my experience, learning to take photos is not that hard, you just have to practice.

     Photography is an important part of a lot of people’s lives. People take photos to remember and capture special moments in their lifetime. Professional photographers can also help you keep good memories using photos. Learning how to take photos yourself can be easily done with a little bit of practicing. Overall, photography should be remembered and used throughout everyone’s life.


Here are some tips for better photos:


  • Center the person or thing you are taking a picture of
  • Straighten the horizon while editing
  • Focus on the person’s face if you are shooting people
  • Blur out the background (optional)