Behind the Curtains of Mr. Coleman




Ever wanted to know about Mr. Coleman or why he is where he is now? Now you can! Mr. Coleman is filled with humor and joy . I interviewed him at lunch and you will be amazed to hear where Mr. Coleman has been, and what he has been through. There are some funny and crazy moments and you will read them all.

Mr. Coleman is a very humorous person. His full name is Jason Michael Coleman and he just turned 40. Mr. Coleman has been married for six years to his wife and does not have any kids but believes his students are basically his kids. After nine years of teaching in Lomita, Carson, Compton, and Upstate, Ny, he found himself at Hermosa Valley School and has stayed here for seven years! Mr. Coleman has mostly lived in Los Angeles but grew up in Westchester which is just a few miles from Hermosa.

When Mr. Coleman’s wife was in medical school, they had to move to Upstate, NY. I asked if it differs from living here and he said, “Certainly that’s the winters. The snow would literally be as high as these desks in the classroom. The kids in the school would usually be in the gym for break.” When Mr. Coleman lived in Upstate, NY, he learned to follow the car in front of him if there was ever a snow storm. I then asked if he had any future plans. He responded with, “I think that the more and more I am thinking about the future, the less and less I am thinking about right now. My philosophy is enjoy the moment and to spend time with the people you love and do things you enjoy.” Mr. Coleman believes enjoying himself is a goal.

Mr. Coleman’s story on how he became a teacher will surprise you. He enjoyed being in school and he liked having summers off. So Mr. Coleman asked himself what he was good at . He had said he enjoyed being in school, he liked having summers off and he enjoyed getting home by 4 pm . So Mr. Coleman asked himself what he was good at and came to the conclusion. He decided that he was not very athletic, not artistic, but is really good at explaining things and is also very organized. That is when Mr. Coleman said he fit into the category of a teacher! Lauren, one of his students says, “Mr. Coleman helps me with writing ideas.”

Other than teaching, Mr. Coleman loves to watch foreign movies, paint figurines, and read audio books. Mr. Coleman reads about 3-4 audio books a month! When you see Mr. Coleman walking with headsets on, always know that he is not listening to music but is always listening to his audio books. Mr. Coleman always wanted to get his PhD which is the highest college degree you can get. In college you go for four years to complete it. If you are motivated you can go for an additional two years to get your Master’s. Then if you are very motivated to go for another four years on top of that which is ten years of college to get your PhD. Mr. Coleman did in fact successfully earn his PHD and should actually be called Dr. Coleman!

After interviewing Mr. Coleman I learned that there is much more to him than being a teacher. He loves Hermosa Beach and the South Bay. Mr. Coleman thinks that all his students are the closest things to his own kids. Knowing that Mr. Coleman is very enthusiastic makes me believe he is always teaching as much as he could and tries very hard to make his students successful.