Cool Math Games – Productive or Ineffective?


So we’ve all heard of Cool Math Games. What exactly is it? Well, it is an online website where many games are listed, and let me say that they are quite fun. What does it have to do with math though? Nothing. Coolmath was created in 1997 to “make math enjoyable for people who thought it couldn’t be fun” wrote Karen, a worker who most-likely helps run coolmath. But why do the games have nothing to do with math? Mostly, If you are really looking for school related games, then you’ll find them! Cool math has a wide variety of school related games, and you can find them if you look at the bottom of any page. I was looking for a website to help with math homework, but came across this, and definitely got an ‘A’ on the game ‘Sugar, sugar’… not so sure about my math test.

Math gets harder and harder as years go on. Some schools even teach advanced math as their regular school math, and with textbooks now online, it is easier for students to get distracted when working on homework, especially lengthy homework assignments, because the student can start to get bored and end up going on different websites, such as YouTube. Or coolmath, “I’ve found many students playing cool math on computers, and when we run out, the computers that students would use to do homework are gone.” Says our school’s librarian, Mrs.Kelly. Not only is the website a distraction, but some say that coolmath games is not academically related.

At the bottom of the cool math games website, there is a section labeled ‘COOLMATH.COM’ with a bunch of links listed underneath it. Those links lead you to math help, so you can understand your topic of math better. You can look at math notes online, and play math games so you are encouraged to do math, without being bored or not enjoying it. It is so much easier to just click your way to math notes, rather than flipping through endless pages of your notebook. “Cool math games is a fun site and some math is involved in the games. I am in advanced math which requires a lot of brainpower and I have used cool math notes as help every once in awhile. Some games do not involve that much math though, so it can be a bit distracting,” Charlie says, a 7th grade student at Hermosa Valley. There are the pros and cons to the website, but really it’s all up to the person using it. Cool math games has a lot to offer, but I personally find that a live tutor or my teacher is better at helping me, rather than a website with ads.

As explained, cool math games can have its pros, and cons. When some kids decide to deny rules of a school classroom at a certain time just to play random games on that website, it shows how highly addictive the site can be. Playing games with, or without math, but are the games or is the site helpful? When we established that cool math can be helpful on some terms, those features can be hidden, and hard to find. You can also get easily distracted by other games. “I think that is a great place for students to study their math facts. It is a fun way to practice and review skills that students have learned in the classroom already. It can be productive if students use it as another method of practice, as long as they are practicing skills that they need a little bit of extra help on. Sometimes I see students log on and play games that cover elementary standards….This is when using the site is not very productive. The notes that are provided can be very helpful as well, but I don’t think that students always take advantage of looking over them…” States Mrs.Gonzalez, One of Hermosa Valley’s 7th, 6th, and advanced 6th grade math teacher. So what do you think?

Overall, can go either way, in the option of studying for your math test, or doing something in your downtime when you are bored. “Since 1997, math teacher “Coolmath Karen” has run this award-winning site to spark kids’ interest in all things math. The online math dictionary and calculators alone are enough to teach most basic math concepts, including algebra and geometry. In addition to the main sections for math practice, games, a math dictionary, and lesson help, there are also sections for parents (how to help with math homework: crying isn’t a good sign) and teachers (tricks for getting kids motivated in the classroom). It also links to a companion site for younger kids ( and other teen-related sites ( and If you’re a math phobe or love to play math games or are just stuck on a new math concept in school, you should add COOLMATH.COM as one of your bookmarks.” Says an anonymous quote on a cool math review site. Many people have different opinions, but why? It is because everyone is different and everyone has different writing and studying styles. People and ads may make it look interesting.. But does it help with your studies? It’s all up to you. When the day ends though, it is you who is on the website,