Twin Telepathy


Have you ever wondered if twins could feel the same thing? Like if one twin lost a tooth and the next twin lost the same tooth a day later . It might seem silly, but why does this happen to only twins and not to siblings in general? I’ve always wondered what it’s like for twins, and if they are still genetically connected in someway because I’m not a twin.


First of all in Greek tele means “distant” and pathy means “feeling”. Telepathy is divided into parts instinctual, mental, and intuition.There isn’t a lot of scientific data to prove that it’s real but there is a lot of evidence. Many researchers have pointed out that twins are more aware with each others thoughts and feelings, and at times, if they use their extra senses to communicate with each other. Also trials have shown that twins develop their own secret language to communicate with each other, the term for this is “cryptophasia”. Cryptophasia means that twins not only use the same phrases, but also mirror each other’s actions.


There are many stories that can prove twin telepathy. A few stories are a Texas man sat down with a stabbing pain in his heart while he was shopping, only to find out later that his twin brother has been shot in the heart in New York. Also, one sister had a bike accident and broke her ankle, and a mysterious swelling showed up on her twin’s ankle at the same time, although she wasn’t doing any physical activity at the time. So all these stories show that twin telepathy could be real. Another one is that one spring day a 15 year old named Gemma Houghton was suddenly struck with the strong feeling that her twin sister Leanne was in trouble. Gemma hurried to the bathroom, where she knew her sister was taking a bath and found her sister submerged, unconscious and turning blue. Leanne is epileptic and experienced a seizure in the bath tube. Gemma even said that there was voice telling her that her sister needed her. This comes to show that without that tiny voice her sister could have died.


Twin Telepathy hasn’t been scientifically proven but there are many cases when it actually happened. I doubt that the people who have been interviewed lied about hearing voices telling them that something is wrong. There are so many stories that make this theory very much true so if u have a twin make sure to watch the news to see the real truth.