Mr. Hart With the Big Heart

Mr. Hart With the Big Heart

Mr. Hart With the Big

By: Janna and Holly 


How well do you know Mr. Hart?

Mr. Hart always has a big bright smile on his face no matter what mood he is in. It is such an exciting moment the minute you walk into his room because you know he most likely has something fun planned. The reason why we wanted to do our profile on this fabulous 5th grade teacher was because even though we already knew him well, considering that he was our 5th grade teacher, we wanted to know more interesting facts about him. Mr. Hart has brown hair and brown eyes. He has 2 daughters along with a beautiful wife. This family man has been teaching at HVS For 12 years. The reason why he chose to teach at HVS is because he loves Hermosa Beach and loves the students here. You know him as a regular HVS 5th grade teacher– but we have some interesting facts that you might have never known about him.


He got started with HVS was when he applied to be a teacher the school district gave him the chance to teach here. The minute he found this out butterflies started to rome in his stomach along with questions like. “Will the parents like me considering that I am a new teacher?” . “Are the students going to like me as a teacher considering that I don’t have a reputation yet?”, and “will the parents like the way I teach?¨ So as you can see it was very nerve-wracking for him.


We all know that Mr. Hart is a huge Red Socks fan. People wonder why he is such a big Red Sox fan: The reason why Mr.Hart loves the Red Socks is because when he was 19 he went on a tour of Fenway Park and fell in love with the team. Boston is also one of his favorite cities, which is the Red Sox hometown. Another really interesting reason why he loves the Red Sox is because he got to stick his face in the Green Monster score board, which is something that only professional baseball players have the chance to do. He also loved to have the opportunity to watch his favorite team beat their rivals, The Yankees.



Some of Mr. Hart’s hopes and dreams for the future is to take his wife to Italy and for all of his kids to get scholarships for college. The reason why he wants to take his wife to Italy is because he loves the history and the beauty of it. He also loves cappuccino and gelato. Another reason he wants to take his wife is because Italy is a very romantic place to go. Some colleges that Mr. Hart would like his kids to go are Stanford, Point Loma, West Mont, Cal State, UCLA, and Harvard– but no matter what college he will always be proud. Another dream that Mr. Hart would love to make a reality is to get his doctorate degree and to get the opportunity to work at a college. The reason why Mr. Hart wants to get his doctorate degree so that he can better himself as a teacher.  It will also help him get a job teaching at a college once he retires from teaching. Mr. Hart would love to teach at a college as a challenge in his career as a 5th grade teacher and the doctorate degree would be a starting off point.

Some other grades that he has taught besides 5th grade was 6th and 3rd grade. He taught 6th grade for a year and 3rd grade for 3 years. The reason why Mr. Hart chose 5th grade as his overall grade is because he loves the age of the kids as well as the curriculum. Mr. Hart taught 6th grade at Hermosa Valley. For his 6th grade class he only had one class, meaning that he only taught one period not 6 different periods. For 3rd grade he taught at Hermosa Valley as well. The reason why this awesome guy chose to teach was since he was a well-educated student he decided to use that knowledge as a resource for teaching, which was very useful.



Have you ever wondered what the background to Mr. Hart’s name is? Did you know Hart isn’t his real last name? Mr. Hart’s grandfather changed his name after escaping  Germany after World War 2 in order to disguise himself from being Jewish because he wanted a fresh start and also because people thought that Jewish people were the causes of mischief in the world. The reason why Mr. Hart’s grandfather chose Hart was because it was German for “stag” which is a male deer. Stag was also a sign of strength and perseverance. Mr. Hart’s real last name is actually Rosenthal. For his first name, which is David, David was a certain name in the Bible. That was the reason why Mr. Hart’s parents chose David and they just liked the name Michel.
Overall, we hope that you have a better understanding of him. One of the memories that we have in Mr. Harts class was when we made commercials in his class about pickles with our friends and we remember that it was so much fun. Right now, Mr. Hart is still a huge Red Socks fan and that will never change in a million years. As one of my classmates stated, “Mr. Hart is a hard working, fun, and amazing teacher.” This great teacher doesn’t want his students to only think of him as a teacher– but as a friend. Right now Mr. Hart is teaching a 5th grade class of 2017.