The Ten Wealthiest People on Earth

The Ten Wealthiest People on Earth

Lots of people dream of having millions of dollars. For the people on this list it is a reality to wake up every morning with over thirty billion dollars in their net worth. Could you imagine that? Here are the ten most wealthy people on Earth.


The tenth richest person on Earth is Jim Walton. Jim Walton has a huge house complete with 2 pools and basketball and tennis courts. His father, Sam Walton, is the co-founder of the store Wal-mart. On September 28, 2005 his brother John died. Jim the replaced John on the Walmart Board of Directors. He has been raking in cash since then with a net worth of $35 billion.

The ninth richest person on Earth is Jim Walton’s sister-in-law ,Christy Walton. Christy was a normal woman until she married John Walton. She has been taking lots of money from Wal-mart’s success. When John died in a plane crash she inherited all of his money and went from a millionaire to a billionaire in a couple of weeks. She is now the richest woman in the world and has a net worth of $37 billion.


Sheldon Adelson is the the living proof that gambling can pay off. He was born on August 4th 1933 in Boston Massachusetts. He made his fortune by winning enough money and buying a casino. He called it The Sands Casino. This is now one of the best casinos to go to in Las Vegas. There is an interesting backstory attached to him as the first thing he did was join the Army. He was kicked out for reasons unknown and started selling toiletries and gambling to make money. His business went viral and he was a millionaire very soon after. He bought a casino and recently had dinner with Donald Trump. He has a net worth of $38 billion which makes him the eighth richest person on Earth.


The 7 and 6 richest people are some people who you might know. They are the Koch brothers. They were born in Wichita, Kansas. The Koch brothers have made their fortune from their company Koch Industries. They made their fortune from investments, manufacturing, and trading. Their Father made the company but gave vice presidency to his sons. They have made so much money that they actually had their faces on some. Sadly no matter how much money you have you can’t avoid getting diseases like cancer. David Koch is a perfect example of this. David and Charles Koch have a $40 billion net worth.


Larry Ellison is the fifth richest person in the world. He was born in New York and has a fairly interesting backstory. When he was a kid his parents were in the middle to lower classes. He moved to South Shore, Illinois when he was around thirteen years old. He started working for many tech companies and decided to work for the government. Ellison began working for Ampex Corporation. His projects included a database for the CIA, which he named “Oracle”. Oracle is a huge company that is second ranked on best computer company behind Microsoft. He has a current net worth of $48 billion.


The 4th richest person on Earth is Warren Buffett. He was born in Omaha Nebraska, on August 30 1930. Warren Edward Buffett is an American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investor in the world. He went to two different colleges which were, and he finished college at age nineteen. He was very interested in investments and started investing early in his career. He is well known for his five-bedroom and five and a half-bathroom house. His house, if he sold it, would go up for about 4 million dollars. After all that money, his net worth is $58 billion.


Amancio Ortega is one of the two people on this list that are not American. He was born in Spain and is the youngest of 4 brothers. He is a huge clothing designer for the European area. There is not much known about him because he kept a very low profile until the burst of his company in 1999, and he has not had 1 picture taken of him that was publicly shared until 1998. He now is retired but still earns income from his incredible company. His business has launched him into the 3rd richest person on Earth with a net worth of $64 billion.


The last non-American person on this list is Carlos Slim Helu. He is Mexican and has earned most of his money from investments. Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. From 2010 to 2013 he was the richest person in the world! He knew he wanted to be a businessman from a very young age and was taught by his father in the City of Mexico (Mexico City). At the age of 11, Carlos invested in a government savings bond that taught him about the concept of compound interest. That is pretty young to invest into government. He then took off from there investing in many companies such as Banco de México which is the largest bank in the country. Carlos has also made telecoms that have let him get up this high. He now has a net worth of $72 billion.


The richest person in the world is Bill Gates. He has revolutionized computers with his invention of Microsoft. Microsoft is the one of the best computing companies of all time. When he was young, his parents had a law career planned for him. Gates liked the idea but wanted to program ever since his school got a computer. He started programing and made computers and sold them. Ever since people have loved his computers and he called it Microsoft. He, now, has a net worth of $76 billion.