North Korea; The Most Terrifying Country.


North Korea. What is so terrifying about it? What if I told you that if you were born there you couldn’t leave. That’s right, you can’t come in or out of the country. It has been that way for a long time, ever since North Korea’s first ruthless ruler made it that way. The rulers also make deadly missiles.

North Korea was established as a country in 1945 when Korea split into two regions. North Korea’s first ruler was Kim Il-sung, who ruled for 46 years. Kim Il-sung ruled until the day he died. That’s just how it is in North Korea, the ruler is in charge until the day he/she dies. The leadership in North Korea passes through the family as well. After Kim Il-sung died in 1994, his son Kim Jong-il took power over the country.

People in the United States are very curious about North Korea. Cameron Konis thinks “The images that arrive to America are filled with harsh lives that North Koreans live, which I am curious about.” Aidan Miller thinks, “North Korea thinks that they can just blow up everything and they should have consent with everybody else about his missile testing program.” In the end North Korea today stills continues to test their missile program without anybody knowing.


In the U.S. and pretty much any country you can choose your hairstyle. In North Korea that is not the case. When Kim Jong-un became dictator he ordered all male students to copy his haircut. If you’re not a student the people still have certain restrictions. A male’s hair should be at max 2 ¾ inches long for olders and 2 inches for younger males. Female’s also have hair restrictions. Married women have to keep their hair head of hair short. And for single women are allowed to let loose with longer curls.    


North Korea also has some really weird sports rules. In basketball the rules for pretty much every country are the same. But in North Korea they play it a little bit differently. If you shoot a three pointer and it makes a swish then it is worth four points. They also penalizes you for missing free throws. You get deducted points. Slam dunks are cool on all levels. North Korea agrees. In North Korea in you make a slam dunk you get three points! In America you only get two.


When you think of the current year everybody thinks 2017. Well, in North Korea that is weirdly not the case. In North Korea they measure years after the day Kim-Il Sung’s birthday. So this year would not be 2017. It would be year 105.