The History Behind Cricket


The History Behind Cricket


Cricket is a very different sport than your basic American sports including football, baseball, etc. Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams with eleven players on the cricket field. At the center of the field is a rectangular 22 yard long dirt strip. The hitter is at the back of the box and the pitcher at the other; the pitcher throws the ball and skips it off the dirt then from there the hitter hits it as far as he can hit it. There are often two referees or umpires in a cricket match. Although there are only umpires when you are on a professional team. When you are on a smaller youth division team you do not have any game officials.  

Now that we have talked about the game of cricket, let’s talk about the story behind cricket. India is known for good cuisine, grand art, breathtaking scenery, but also cricket. This sport that is practically worshipped and loved in India.  The game of Cricket is unknown but many people think that it was invented in England.  In different online sites it says that it was invented on January 17, 1597.  I think my grandparents met back then.

The games last for 8 hours and they play 5 times with breaks included.  Although the game can end early if one team sweeps the first four games but if they don’t they play it out to the last day.  The biggest rivals in Cricket are New Zealand and Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan, India and England, England and Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, India and Australia, and South Africa and Australia.  These are just some of the greatest rivals in Cricket today.   

India doesn’t hate Pakistanis they both just disagree with decisions about war and different ways of life in their countries.  The reason why these two teams are rivals is because they were both at war in 1980 and it lasted till 1990.  So the vibe both teams give when they play each other is a hatred although very competitive so it makes the game two times as better when they play each other.  The better team overall is actually India but that doesn’t change on how hard the teams battle for the win.

If you were a Cricket fan who grew up in America and wanted to try Cricket for the first time in your life you could get private training at all of the following fields including Dodger Stadium, Indianapolis World State Park, Citi Field in New York, Central Broward Regional Park.  Who knew you could play Cricket at Dodger stadium.  These are just some of the most popular fields in America, but you never maybe one day you will pass a Cricket field and give it a try.