Netflix, the Best Deal Ever!

Netflix, the Best Deal Ever!

Headline: Netflix, The Best Deal Ever!

Author: Cameron Konis


     Netflix, an app that most take for granted. When you feel like watching a certain show, just open Netflix and prepared to be satisfied. With new releases of movies and shows, people who buy it feel that it was a good choice, and a great deal. About 56 Million people are subscribed to Netflix. In fact, the amount of people subscribed from U.S make it a good competitor of Cable T.V, who had the same amount of people in 2016. With over 1,609 TV shows and 6,494 movies, it’s hard not to find what you want, and get hooked.


     Netflix is a great deal in many’s opinion, and is worth the subscription fee once a month. Ranging at a price of about $7.99, and having unlimited amounts of movies, it makes even the least expensive prices for movies seem over the top. The company evens averages about 10% of what some satellite bills cost. This is why Netflix profits so much, and is estimated to reach the 7 billion dollar mark by 2020. Even Netflix’s net worth is over 300 million dollars, ranking it close to Amazon Prime! Since the United States is still the most important regional market for Netflix, cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and New York rank some of the most popular Netflix using cities.

     People don’t love Netflix just because of the low prices though. The variety of choices gives people a chance to scroll through all their favorite shows and movies. Unlike Satellite and Cable, who don’t give you these options, Netflix allows people to be free to search around its easily navigable libraries. Also, Netflix doesn’t have any commercials, so viewers don’t have to worry about fast forwarding, and can watch shows add-free! People like Charlie Macdonald question the logic of buying cable, which costs $92 more a month plus commercials. He argues, “The more people realize the change in prices, the faster Cable is gonna be abandoned!“ Netflix is also compatible with almost every device, including PS3, Blu-Ray Player, Wii, Cell Phone, iPad, PC, Macbook, and Google TV! Finally, Netflix’s ability to adapt to your likes and dislikes proves to be a major factor in which people seem to enjoy. The recommended option allows users to be able to watch new shows they have never seen before, without even searching. The category is programmed to monitor what you watch, and give you videos that you might enjoy. These reasons prove why Netflix is so popular, and liked by so many people.

     Netflix isn’t the only one of its kind though. There are many other sites that people argue are better and worse. Today, Netflix has taken a few turns for the worse, in many American’s opinions, receiving bad comments and emails about complaints of being not good enough in many areas. For example, some series are limited to only a few shows in the start and stop in the middle of chapters! This causes people to wonder, is it worth the hassle of arguing over this when you can just pay for another, more cheap option? The answer to that problematic question is “yes”, you can. Amazon Prime, for example, offers Amazon Instant Video for just $6.58 a month. Being much like Netflix, it offers free unlimited movies for all members that want to join. With an Amazon Prime membership you can have unlimited access to a wide selection of movies and shows! Although it sounds perfect, everything is with its own flaws. Even its great selection of videos aren’t as newly updated as Netflix’s, and you won’t get new movies as fast.  


     Netflix does have its flaws, but is also a great app that can bring your family together to watch shows that you might have never seen before. With many features made to help you with even the smallest of tasks, it’s quite hard to not find yourself watching something you love, with family or friends around you. Some might say it is full of problems, and some might say it isn’t, but the fact that it brings people together is good enough for me to be one of the best deals ever.

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