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Are you worried about your health? Or, perhaps how often you exercise? About how many hours that you sleep? There are many helpful hacks for improving your health. And these are just five of them.

The first amazing hack that will change your life is to take a warm shower right before you go to bed. When you take a warm shower and then go into a cooler room, your body temperature drops. This alerts your body that it is time to rest. In my experience, it feels great to take a hot shower and then jump into my cozy bed. It definitely helps me fall asleep quicker.

The next hack helps greatly with exercising and stretching. The first step to this hack is to buy about thirty colorful popsicle sticks and a glass mason jar. Write two to three exercises and how many of those exercises that you want to do. For example, you could put 20 push-ups, 20 crunches, and 30 seconds of jogging in place. Put all of the popsicle sticks with the exercises into the jar and every day, pull one out. This will motivate you to at least do a couple of exercises or stretches every day.

The third awesome hack is used to stay hydrated. First, you should buy a water bottle with measurements. Then you will need a sharpie to write down times, like 11:00, 2:00, or 6:00. Write down the time that you want to finish a certain amount of water by near that certain time. For example, you could write 9:00 am. next  to 28 ounces. This is a great hack to make sure that you drink enough water during the day.

Another great hack is to write in a diary or journal. This helps because it makes you less stressed to write out your feelings. There is scientific proof that writing really helps to reduce stress. To learn more, go to Harvard health . I have tried doing this and it definitely helps relieve stress.

The last helpful hack is to not look at any screens while you are eating. Looking at your iPhone, iPad or any other device distracts you from your food. You also may see ads advertising junk food, which will influence you to eat unhealthy things. Screens are not good for me when I am eating because I get distracted very easily and do not eat my meal.

Those are just five useful health hacks to improve the way you live. Trying all of them will influence to eat better, exercise, stay hydrated, reduce stress, and sleep well. There are hundreds of other hack to help you stay healthy and make sure that you live the life that you deserve.


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