Bermuda Triangle: A Mystery to Be Solved

Bermuda Triangle: A Mystery to Be Solved

Bermuda Triangle: A Mystery to Be Solved


Planes mysteriously disappearing. Ships no one has ever found. You would think, who would want to go here?

The Bermuda Triangle, also often called the Devil’s Triangle, often leaves people in disbelief. The triangle connects Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, which forms a triangle.  With winds excelling to over 170 mph and at around 4 ships and planes each year “magically” disappearing as soon as they enter the triangle. One plane blew up 23 seconds after entering this dangerous triangle. The Bermuda Triangle became well known after Charles Berlitz wrote a bestselling book on his theory of the Triangle.

But one website,  claims there is no such phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle. They claim, “The Bermuda Triangle does not exist, therefore there is no ‘mystery’ to be solved. There are actually no extra unexplained plane crashes and shipwreck in the area, despite what you may have heard.” Also “The ‘mysterious disappearances’ everyone was freaking out over were either reporting mistakes or outright fabrications.”

 Another website, agrees that this so called Devil’s Triangle does not exist and the missing ships and planes disappeared by but natural causes. They are saying things like, “There have been nothing discovered that would indicate that causalities were result of any other than physical causes.” And “In other words, normal ocean processes and simple human error are the likely culprits, and the Bermuda Triangle is no more mysterious, suspicious or dangerous than any other stretch of open ocean.”   

One website believes that there is something mysterious about the Bermuda Triangle. They claim stuff like, “The winds are so powerful that they are called air bombs.”, “There is absolutely nowhere like this.”, “After the planes have disappeared there has been no debris left over. They just vanished in the sky.”,  “You do not typically see straight edges with clouds, most of the time clouds are random in their distribution.” Said Steve Miller; a famous satellite meteorologist.

Another website claims that “The Bermuda Triangle is truly a real place.”, “They have seemingly disappeared without any explanation.”, “Some of these disappearances have been attributed to a paranormal activity.” Also  “They fall beyond the boundaries of human error and natural causes.”


There are many reasons people can argue whether the Bermuda Triangle really does exist and still active or is it all just a myth. With all the news flying around and our new technology, people have not found the truth yet, but I have a feeling people are getting close to it. Now time to ask yourself, do you personally think this so called devil’s triangle is true? Or is it all just one big lie.