All about Mrs. Kilroy

All about Mrs. Kilroy


       Who is Mrs. Kilroy? Tonia Scott Kilroy is a teacher at Hermosa Valley who teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies. She is an amazing teacher who always has a smile on her face. Mrs. Kilroy is so nice and kind and I love the way she teaches. Mrs. Kilroy always walks into a  room with her bright and big smile. She always looks so excited to teach. Her head bobbing with her short but stylish hair cut and her clothes showed she was in a happy mood.

     I wanted to interview Mrs. Kilroy because she is really nice and kind. I wanted to get to know her better as a person and not just as a teacher. She inspires me to do good as a person and as a student. Mrs. Kilroy is one of my favorite teachers because she is so nice and she makes her class fun to be in and not boring she brings her classes to life. I will never forget when we were studying Ancient Rome and as a project we had to  transform our information into raps. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Ancient Rome.

     Mrs. Kilroy´s family and her family had an interesting upbringing. Mrs. Kilroy is the oldest of six siblings: three girls and three boys. Mrs. Kilroy was born in Delaware. She has only ever lived in a city. She has lived in multiple places as a kid. She has lived in Germany, Colorado, and returned to Delaware in third grade. She lived in Germany because her sister was born in Berlin.

     Surprisingly Mrs. Kilroy’s favorite subject in school was not social studies, it was language arts. She says “social studies was just another one of those subjects that I had to do.” Mrs. Kilroy did not always want to be a teacher; she liked sports when she was in high school. She also wanted to coach because of  her interest in sports.   

    Mrs. Kilroy’s teaching background is amazing . Mrs. Kilroy has been a teacher at HVS for four years and she has been a teacher for sixteen years. She taught eighth grade language arts in Maryland at St. Mary’s. She likes to teach social studies because she can incorporate reading and writing projects into history. Although her favorite subject was language arts she enjoys teaching world history and geography. She did not get interested in teaching until a year after she graduated.

    All of my classmates love Mrs. Kilroy too. One of my classmates and friends says “Mrs. Kilroy makes school so much better and she brightens my day when she sees her.”  Another one of my classmates said that “Mrs. Kilroy  is not only a great teacher, but a great person too.”

     Mrs. Kilroy’s present life is also very exciting. She has two kids; a boy who is ten and is in fourth grade, and a girl who is seven in second grade. The boy’s name is George and they call him GJ. The girl’s name is Caroline, but they call her Carly. She currently lives in Manhattan Beach California and loves the South Bay.

     Mrs. Kilroy has many different thoughts about the future. She says, “I really want to focus on my kids; making them happy, healthy and making memories that last, making sure I am happy and healthy,  and help my students become properly educated people.” For the future she would like to try surfing and yoga. Mrs. Kilroy would not want to  live anywhere else she says, “I love the weather and I love the beach.” She does not want to live anywhere else because most of her family lives on the east coast and it would be hard for her to visit them if she lived overseas.

   I will never forget Mrs. Kilroy as a teacher and as a person. She transforms her classes into somewhere where you want to be. Mrs. Kilroy really understands kids because she is a mother, so it is like having a teacher and a mother in the classroom at the same time. She is strict but knows how to have fun and let her class be fun for students. If you do not know Tonia Scott Kilroy I suggest meeting her soon.