Child Prodigies!

Child Prodigies!

Have you ever seen a kid who can rock climb up one of the hardest mountains? Or a 5 year old who could play pool so well that he could hit the ball into a tiny shoe? Or a 9 year old tennis star? Prepare yourself, your mind will be fascinated when you see these kids and their talents. These are just a few of the greatest child prodigies. Want to see these child prodigies in action? There is a link to the videos at the bottom of each paragraph!

Brooke Raboutou is 11 years old and is already a rock climbing phenom. From learning how to rock climb when she learned to walk, to breaking world records very young, Brooke is one of the youngest very few rock climbing masters. Starting in France her dad built her and her brother a small rock climbing structure in their backyard! There, Brooke started to enjoy playing back there. When they moved to where they are now, her dad built an even bigger rock climbing gym in the basement of their house. As Brooke grew older, she was doing climbs even elite rock climbers had trouble doing. Brooke completed V10 at only 9, and V11 when 10 that means that she completed some of the most difficult walls there is. Brooke loves rock climbing for the challenges and feels like she is in control. Brooke believes she will continue rock climbing and will hopefully be in a World Cup just like her parents. Watch Brooke climb here- brooke’s video

Keith O’Dell is another one of the extraordinary kids out there. Keith O’Dell lives in Gloversville, NY and has been playing pool with his dad since he was 2-years old! Keith’s family has a long background of pool players and he is now one of them. At two-years old Keith could pocket balls like you couldn’t believe! He can see a every angle on the table allowing him to make these extraordinary shots and pocket almost every ball. Keith was able to hit one on the balls into one of his tiny shoes. Even pros would have trouble doing that! As Keith’s father would say, “You either see the shot or you don’t.” Keith is very good at pool, but his parents aren’t letting him compete till he is eight or nine. Overall Keith is definitely going far with his pool talent. Watch Keith pocket balls here- Keith’s video

I bet you have never seen a girl who has as much passion and drive as Gabby Price. Gabby plays tennis and is nine years old. She will chase balls like no one has ever seen. She lives in New York and has a house is Florida. At four her father threw her a ball and she almost hit his head off! While only being 4 foot 3, Gabby is so fierce and is determined to win every time she plays. When Gabby loses she gets very upset which her coach says it is a good thing. Gabby was the youngest to compete in the tournament and is not afraid to compete against these stronger and bigger girls. Gabby’s coach, Coach Rick, has trained pros and is now training Gabby to be one. Watch Gabby’s tennis skill here- Gabby’s video

These are just a few of the greatest child prodigies. Kids like Brooke, Keith, and Gabby all have such talent and they love to show it.  These kids love what they do and want to keep doing what they do. They are fierce, competitive, and all have the drive to win.