Pac-Man; The Most Successful Game Ever?

Pac-Man; The Most Successful Game Ever?

Pac-Man. The Most Successful Arcade Game Ever? In your lifetime you have probably played Pac-Man. Most of us have, but what you probably didn’t know about Pac-Man is that it didn’t originate in the USA. Pac-Man was originally made in Japan by a Japanese designer named Toru Iwatani. Pac-Man’s original release date was May 22, 1980. Over the years Pacman has been revised. It was originally only for arcade games but,  it was later made for other devices such as the computer and smartphone. The game’s objective is to score as many points as possible and to get to a high level. What it looks like when you are playing is a black screen with blue barriers and ghosts running after you.

Pac-Man’s name might not sound important, but in the future it affected the game a lot. Not only did Pac-Man not originate in the U.S but it’s original name in Japan was Pakkuman. But when the Pakkuman was coming to the USA the gaming company Namco decided that they should call the game Pac-Man. Then Pac-Man was born. Pac-Man was so popular that 2 musicians made a song about Pac-Man and how itś named changed when it came to the U.S. The song reached #9 on the top 100 hit chart and sold 1.2 million copies in the year. By 2008 that number had risen all the way to 2.5 million copies.

When Toru Iwatani first made the game, he was trying to attract girls to the arcade. Normally the boys went to the arcade, so it was like and playground for boys. Toru Iwatani recalls that since only boys went to the arcade center its was dirty so the girls didn’t want to go to the arcade center. So he thought that if there was a game that girls could play the arcade center would become cleaner and brighter. How Iwatani did this was that he programmed each ghost to have different orders so that you had to figure what the orders were so that boys and girls could play together. Eventually they found out that the only ghost that pursues you through the whole game is Blinky the red ghost.

Also Pac-Man’s ghost and gameplay were inspired by comic books. The power pellet or power cookie allows Pac-man to eat his enemies. This came from the comic book character Popeye who defeated his enemy most of the time by eating spinach.

When you are playing Pac-Man the machine normally tells you your highest score. But did you know that there is a final high score you can get. At 3,333,360 the game stops. You can’t get a higher score. Over the years there have been many people to achieve this score. Billy Mitchell the first person ever to achieve the high score. Mitchell got the perfect score in July 1999.

My own personal experience with Pac-Man is that I can’t get passed level 5. Although I am not the best Pac-Man player ever It is still really enjoyable. Pac-Man gives you a variety of challenges by avoiding ghosts and thinking about where you should go in the arena. All in all Pac-Man is a fun and challenging game and I would recommend it.