How to Get Rid of a cold

How to Get Rid of a cold

How to Get Rid of A Cold

Head hurt? Nose running? Not feeling good? Have you ever had this problem? Most people have experienced this. There are many ways to get rid of a minor cold but not everything works. Here are some ways that Pintrest has came up with. These interesting and really crazy methods really do work. You should try them!


Cleaning. This is a good way to get rid of unwanted germs fast. If you can not clean, get a parent or a sibling to do it for you. If you are feeling up to the challenge then start cleaning! Clean all around your room; throw away trash, put away clothes, make the bed, etc… cleaning can help take your mind off your sickness and help get away germs that were there. Just by having everything clean can make you feel a lot better! Knowing everything is neat and organised can make your mind feel better and help you find things faster.

Take a shower. If your hot or cold jump in the shower. Even if it is a quick one it still works. After showering, get freshly cleaned clothes. Try and find comfy clothes rather than jeans. The shower helps get rid of germs and makes you feel refreshed and ready to do things. Grabbing clean clothes so you do not put on germy clothes after you just got cleaned!


Eating healthy. Eating right can give your body a boost to fighting the bacteria. Water foods, such as fruits, are the best. The water quenches your thirst and helps “clean” the inside of your body. Scientist claim that carrots help eyesight, almonds get rid of headaches, and apples, “keep the doctor away.”


Put an onion in your sock while you sleep. It may seem weird by it actually helps! The foot is connected to the brain and many other important organs and veins. Onions give off a strong odor that kills bacteria and helps us get rid of our sickness. Once in contact with the foot, the onion helps kills a lot of bad bacterias almost instantly. It is a good thing to consider buying at the store and trying it out! It may take a couple of nights before your a 100% better but it sure does help speed up the process. It is an interesting method that a user on came up with and it is highly recommended.


Sleep. Sleep is a major thing your body needs when you “under the weather”. Sleep not only gives you a positive attitude when you wake up, it fixes muscle pains (also known as growing pains), speeds up metabolism, reduces the swelling of cuts and sores, and fights bacteria even better than when you are awake. Sleep is so important and a great thing to do when you are sick.  


All these options are a great way to get better! Depending on how sick you are these things really do work. Some of these methods are a little strange but that does not mean it is not good. I recommend next time you’re sick, try one of these out. It may surprise you.