Why Was Vine Shut Down?


Have you ever wondered why the well known app Vine was being shut down? When Vine was first made in 2012, it started off extremely strong and hit number one in the app store. The popular app had reached 200 million users when it first started, but over time the popularity of vine has decreased immensely. The fall of Vine has been hard for all of its users to watch. No one could ever imagine the thought that something this terrible would ever happen, but now it has. You would never have really thought about how you felt about this app, until it would be gone forever.

Vine is being shut down since Twitter didn´t have enough money to finance.  Twitter had to make an important decision to either save twitter or vine. They decided to save twitter because of vine being a linked on app from twitter. Twitter announced the closing of Vine before they actually closed it to give users a chance to give their goodbyes. It was a hard decision for Twitter to make, but they only had the money to keep one. If I had enough money I would definitely spend it to keep this app going. It has inspired so many people and it is sad to say it is going away. For good.

Vine has become less and less important over time. It had lost interest from many users since the day it was released. The dramatic decrease of population lead to twitter’s decision between the two. When Instagram released video, vine lost interest from users which also lead to the slow demise of the popularity. With Instagram having the same features and more it’s users completely outnumbered vine. With all the increase of technology in other apps, vine was already fading away before anyone knew it.

Vine has become less and less popular since it´s launch. Another reason for vine ending is that all of it’s main viewers lost interest and stopped using the app, and moved on to different apps with the same idea. The most famous people, with the most followers needed to be there to keep this app going. As soon as some of the vine celebrities got enough people following they knew that Vine wouldn’t help them become the internet famous stars that they would like to be. Vine stars soon stopped posting on vine and brought all of their followers to a different company. With the few vine stars that stayed loyal, it wasn’t enough to keep vine in interest.

We should all take a moment to thank Vine for everything that they have done while it lasted. Have you ever wondered how we would watch videos without apps such as Vine? Would we actually have to drive to a video store and rent a movie? Since the videos that were posted were just short videos, advertisers didn’t see the need for it. Without vine being published in advertisements, it wasn’t getting enough publicity and new users for it to take off. Also without the advertizing Vine needs,  would it make it possible to buy movies on DVD? For success, Vine really had to be introduced to the world to get enough interest and get people talking about it. Vine could have tried to add new ideas to their app to make it more of an interest to advertisers. Advertisement is the key to making something popular and without it, this app couldn’t survive from the start.

Overall, twitter made the decision that would be better for their company. The company had to look deep into both apps and twitter was doing much better than vine was. After vine shut down other apps continued to spread with the short video idea and made it’s ending less hard for it’s admired viewers. Vine shutting down was one of the hardest things for many viewers and it will be missed greatly.