The Craziest World Records


Headline: The Craziest World Records

     It’s human nature – we love to push our limits. Whether it’s a world record in the Olympics or just a personal challenge in our backyard, with every passing year new records are broken and the bar is set increasingly higher. In this list, however, we haven’t just compiled the fastest, longest, and farthest records to date but we’ve also made sure that they were the craziest, most abnormal records in the books. These are the six most insane world records ever.


     Imagine being covered by millions of bees, covering all your senses, including vision. As slowly the sound of buzzing overcomes your hearing, you hope and pray that one bee won’t get angry and decide to sting your bare skin. As they crawl up your arms, legs, and whole body, the only thing you can do is wait. One man, Ruan Liangming from China, broke a world record by having 137 lbs of bees on his skin. How did they weigh him? The answer to that problem was a simple mathematical equation. They subtracted the total weight with Ruan’s original weight to get their answer. The final score even broke the original weight by about 20 lbs! Wearing nothing but a pair of underwear, a breathing pipe, and corks in his nose and ears for protection, he takes on the task. Fortunately for Ruan, he was able to break the record, and in his own home country, adding him to the World Record Community and number six on our list.


      Sweat beads down your forehead and body. You know if you finish these last few feet, you will be a hero known by all. As you slowly walk one more step, you can feel millions of people’s eyes on you, and you know you can’t lose. Reverend Kevin Faist, just a priest at a church in a small community. At least, that’s what  everyone thought until he did the impossible. People knew him as a “Church Priest”, but when he pulled a 126,000 lb fire truck through a track, everyone’s mind was blown away. This great spectacle of strength showed everyone just how strong determination can lead you. Pulling it with a metal rod he dragged the giant truck slowly down the seemingly infinite pathway. Millions of people watched him live on YouTube to witness the fantastic display of courage and strength. After the 100 ft pull, he finished with a world record in his hands. Shortly after the event though, he broke another record by dragging a 188 ton plane as well, earning a rightful place in our list for the fifth craziest world record. No one knows what the now classified as the Strongest Man on Earth with do next!


      Big spotlights shine right on you blinding your vision, but the cheer of the crowd is loud enough for you to know its there. You breathe in slowly, trying to gain your momentum. As you charge you feel a sudden thud, and glass breaks all around you. For the fourth most dangerous world record, one man, specifically Mike O’Hearn, ran through tons of glass windows, over and over. These glass pane windows weren’t just normal ordinary glass though, these were some of the most heavy duty glass you can’t find in the stores. They use silicone glass used for skyscrapers. He also didn’t run through just one, but a total of 18 of them!  Literally smashing the world record, he earned his rightful spot in the books. Tons of people have watched and are even watching right now after it was broadcasted on live TV in ‘Guinness World Records Gone Wild’. You can watch him here on the show with this link. Wearing just a little protective gear and a helmet for concussions, he starts. On July, 9 2016 he broke the world record, and took home the golden plaque, and number four on our list. Thankfully afterword, he did not collapse, or have a concussion like many thought he would. Just in case though, ambulances were already stationed outside the giant stunt building.


      Fire, a thing that most humans know well. It’s what let us evolve, gives us light in dark situations, and keeps us warm in cold Winter nights. Everyone believes fire can be harmful and destructive, or warm and comforting.  Austrian stuntman, Josef Toedtling, thought about it differently though. He saw fire as an opportunity, an opportunity to be famous. Drenched in oil and wearing little protective clothing, he was set ablaze. The heat of the situation was raised as he was dragged by a Four Wheeler 582 meters. After finishing the stunt, he had created himself his own world record with an overall time of 5 minutes and 48 seconds! You can watch him after he was broadcasted on YouTube when you click on this link. This crazy daredevil was no stranger to stunts though. Having a total of 49 movies under his belt, he was confident that he could break the world record. After the daring escape, he walks away with a world record in his hands, and the third place on our list.


      When people say, “Use your head!” most people think of solving a mathematical problem, or creating a solution. Our heads are safes for the most complex organ in our body. It is the key to all of our knowledge and allows us to grow and learn. John Evans had a better idea than to use his head for ideas and useless words, so he stacked a car on it. Managing to hold a 538 pound car for 33 seconds, he created himself his own world record. Standing at six
foot six inches, weighing 300 pounds, he achieved his greatest goal and balanced without his hands. Training his neck allowed him to have a total length of 24 inches in between his shoulders and his chin. Luckily for John, the wind didn’t pick up and tilt the wrong way, because this could have ended up in major injury. Since the stakes were higher than most other world records, this stunt falls as the second craziest world record.


       Michael Lotito one day looked at plane and thought to himself, “I can eat that.” Since his digestive system was double lined, he could eat and digest basically everything. With this special gift, Michael started eating light bulbs, razor blades, and even glass bottles. He even ate another plane! The plane he swallowed was a Cessna 1990. Starting with chopping up the metal, he began the same process in 2014. All by himself he sledge hammered the metal, and cut it into pieces small enough to fit in his mouth. Although it took him two years to finish the plane, he eventually did, earning himself a crazy world record, and single-handedly placing himself in the number one craziest, most wacky, and most dangerous world records in the books!