What Has NASA Been Up To?

What Has NASA Been Up To?

Science in advancing all around us and we don’t even realize it. NASA is planning to send an American male to Mars in the coming years. NASA also is planning to send yet another rover to Mars as well, NASA is working on a lot of thing in the coming years that many people do not know about. New technology that people most likely didn’t know about is NASA is not just helping us in space but is also helping us on the road. NASA is researching how to make cars more durable and safe.  With this research we are getting closer to having safe, accident free roads.


NASA is also working on much smaller things, such as silver-zinc batteries. NASA has helped take this idea and turn it into a reality. With these new batteries people will save money on batteries. Scientists are working on bigger plans and are also working on a thing called a cryo test lab. The cryo test lab is a lab where they test where workers see if things work differently under cold pressure.This team of scientists are doing a very dangerous job. In many applications it says they are working in a few degrees above absolute zero (-273 degrees celsius) . Which means that there are many safety hazards with this program. The cryo lab also requires a lot of safety attention to work with.


Scientists are also working on planes and how they fly. Scientists have developed a engine that they say can save gas percentages by 4% to 8%. This invention is still testing and needs to be simulated to be sure to be safe, but this engine will help with our atmosphere and will make our  planet cleaner. Also, this engine will make our plane trips faster and smoother.


While everyone is on this planet, things are also happening in space as well. On 12/ 09/16 NASA will launch the NASA Juno Mission. That mission is planned to do its third flyby of Jupiter. This is a very exciting launch which NASA plans to do the first flyby where they operate the full Juno capability to scan Jupiter. They also plan to investigate Jupiter’s interior structure via its gravity field. I am very eager to learn what they will find out while Juno is orbiting Jupiter, this is a big launch for NASA.

Professionals are not the only ones that can help: college Students are spending most of their time dedicated to finding ways to drill for water on mars. With other students these students will work together to do something that has never been done before. If they succeed they will be famous.


( this information is from NASA )