New President: I Am a Bit Concerned


New President: I Am a Bit Concerned  

By Rachel Miller

Donald Trump. Where do I begin? To his astonishingly crazy action and words, he is now our 45th president. Now, who is Donald Trump behind his mask?

Before this “all the sudden” interest in politics, Donald Trump was interested in many different fields. Well, first how did he do it? Donald went from publicly insulting women around the world and harassing them, to the ruler of the USA. Of course, many women were totally upset but not as upset as when they heard the news. On November 9, 2016, all the votes came in. With shock, millions read that overall Hillary got more votes than Donald. Now, most thought this could mean Hillary won. But, rules are rules and once again thousands of women around the world were let down. I was to.

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His grand personality and outsmarting people is my opinion how he got this far in his entrepreneur career. In March of 2008, the Trump hotel began. I have been to Vegas where it stands many times. This golden 64 floor hotel is not that great. Wallpaper teared apart, messy resturants and crumpled like rooms. Now you think, how can this billionaire own such a disassembled hotel?

From the movie, Little Rascals, to head of state. Yes, Donald Trump was in popular movies like Little Rascals, Home Alone 2, Horween, and many more.


Shockingly, Donald received his bachelor degree in economics. And completed both college and high school. Which to me, comes as a huge surprise.


Now, what is the deal with Donald Trump and the wall? Personally, I think he wants to make something that he thinks is as “big” of a reputation he claims he has. But many reports have claimed that he wants to be “known” for doing something magnificent that will hopefully be worth the money. The wall is designed to keep mexican foreigners out. The wall would stretch around the border between California and Mexico But like he promised during his presidential campaign, he will build a wall and get Mexico to pay. We will see if he can keep his promises. I do not think he will.


Is Donald Trump going to get us all killed? Reporters claimed that Trump says he does not need daily security updates be he claims he is a ‘smart person’. Donalds own brother died for Donalds influences  His own brother died from the reputation that Donald provided to his four, now three brothers and sisters, claims reporters from NBC. . Now, I think that Donald is going to dig America’s grave. Don’t you?
Donald Trump could be hiding secrets from the world, but maybe not. Possibly, he is a good guy. Or maybe he will destroy our relationships with other countries, or set off  World War 3. We will just have to let time be a huge factor in all this.