Sea Slugs

Sea Slugs

 Amazing Sea Slugs and Where to Find Them

The wild sea slug has both male and female organs. Sea slugs are a very interesting and cool animal. There are over 3000 species and no two sea slugs look alike. Sea slugs are eaten by people today and are used for medicines. Sea slugs are very interesting animals and not many people know much about them today.

The sea slug’s scientific name being Holothuroidea belongs in the Animalia kingdom. There are thousands of species of sea slugs and still more undiscovered. Sea slugs are herbivores as they only eat algae and plankton. Sizes range from half a centimeter to a whopping 30 centimeters.

Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

            Sea slug’s main predators are fish, crabs, and lobsters. Humans are known to eat sea slugs and still do. They generally live 1-4 years. Sea slugs are grazing animals. Getting their food from the ocean floor’s algae and decaying matter they don’t need to work for their food [like me on a saturday]                   

The sea slug is a hermaphrodite which means the sea slug has both male and both female organs. The reason being through evolutionary developments sea slugs are normally a slow animal, they rarely meet any other sea slugs and if so, must take the opportunity and mate. Imagine wandering for 50 years and finding another human only to find out you can’t make babies with them. Well in a sea slug’s case if you find another sea slug there is a high chance you have the ability to mate because you are multigenderal. Sea slugs have a give and take relationship in mating. The sea slug gives sperm and takes sperm and both slugs produce eggs.  

A sea slug must protect itself from predators. There are many different ways a sea slug protects itself and each species has its own unique way. Most sea slugs have their gills located located on their back which may look like a tiny sea anemone. Some ways of protection or self defense against predators include retracting their gills into their body and different patterns. Animals typically depict one pattern as the same animal. If a predator has a bad experience with a sea slug containing black stripes if it approaches another sea slug with a similar pattern there is a good chance the predator will avoid the new found slug.

Sea slugs are a very interesting creature that lives in the ocean. There are many sea slug species and thousands more to be discovered. They have a lifespan of 1-4 years and can reach anywhere from 0.5-30 centimeters. Sea slugs are hermaphrodites which means they contain both male and female organs.  They are also  pets for some people and can clean algea for the tank. Although squishy nudibranchs must protect themselves from predators in many different ways. 

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Yes this is a real sea slug who looks like pikachu.