The Generous Genovese


How well do you know our assistant princi“PAL”?

By: Anna Gunning & Vanessa Wasden

Mr. Genovese, what comes to mind when you see him? Probably New Yorker, Assistant Principal and #CONNECTIONS. But what probably did not come to mind is how athletic he is or that he is fluent in Italian and Spanish.

Mr. Genovese has relatives that are Italian, and he learned the Italian language in college to be able to communicate with his grandparents. He is also fluent in Spanish. To this day he can still speak both Spanish and a little bit of Italian. Mr. Genovese even took his first trip to Italy last summer

Mr. Genovese talked to us about what #connections is and why it was started.  He says that #connections has different meanings and in any kind of organization you need people to connect with each other. When people connect to each other everything flows better. He also said that connecting to what you’re learning helps you better understand the concept. Connecting also makes people grow emotionally and mentally. For example if you connect something from Science to a garden you’re making at home can help you better understand what is going on in your garden. So far in his experience with students #Connections has been working very well students connect with each other and their teachers.

Mr. Genovese came to Hermosa Valley after working with high schoolers for 12 years. He saw High schoolers at such a high age and decided to work with younger students  for a change. Our school was was the perfect situation. Plus, Mr.Genovese lives in Hermosa Beach. He wanted to start working with younger kids. We have middle school and elementary on one campus which isn’t normally the situation for most schools.

If you walk into Mr. Genovese’s office the first thing you see is quotes and pictures lining the walls. There are pictures of him with family and friends. Pictures of quotes about trying your best and going for it. And last but not least there are pictures that nephews drew for him. As soon as you walk in you can tell that he is a friendly man that cares for his family and friends and most of all his students, every time Mr. Genovese is around you feel a lot safer and happier. Here is what some students say about Mr. Genovese:

“He is lit,” Sarah says.

“He’s a rad dude,” Dylan says.

“He is a good vice principal,” Alexa says.

“He’s a beast,” Robert says.

“He changed football for the better.” Carson states.


Mr.Genovese also enjoys going around campus and poking his head into a lot of classrooms and seeing young minds get to work. Seeing us progress also is a good thing he likes to see. He especially likes seeing us use our #connections while working.

When Mr. Genovese was in school, he enjoyed learning about all of the subjects, he loved how he was given every opportunity to learn anything he wanted. If Mr. Genovese had to choose a favorite subject he says “I would have to choose Spanish. I love studying various cultures and being able to speak with people from other countries.” Learning about Spanish enabled him to explore an amazing group of people, and their customs. Learning these cultures and languages helped him get a better education and talk to other people in case we had someone who spoke strictly Spanish at our school it would help. Mr. Genovese was on the road of being an educator. “ It runs in the family, I’ve always been intrigued with  helping kids learn and grow.” Mr. Genovese although didn’t know that he was going to be and educator at first he was majoring in economics until his junior year in college he ultimately decided working in schools would be the better path and changed his major. Mr Genovese states “It turned out to be a great decision, as working with students, educators, and families has been amazing.” And it has been for the better for all of us.