How Are Apes Similar to Humans?


      Once a while ago I went to the Zoo and I was focused looking at a chimpanzee and wondered how much it looked like me. So I started to research about them and found out many of interesting things. As it turns out humans and apes come from the same animal ancestor from millions of years ago. Chimpanzees and humans belong to the same animal order called, ¨primates¨. Perhaps that is why some apes can do some of the things humans can such as sign language, and even painting! Apes are a large primate that lacks a tail, including the gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan, and gibbons. Even though humans and apes share many things in common, there are also some differences, such as flexible thumbs and joints, their brains aren’t as developed because they don’t live in a place where they are constantly learning.

      The African Apes and humans have essentially the same arrangement of internal organs, share all of the same bones (somewhat different in shape and size), lack external tails, and have several important blood type systems in common. Apes basically have four hands because their feet work exactly like their hands. Apes are very intelligent like we are, they can learn to hold pens and draw which is very unusual for an animal to be able to do that. Apes are like a person you can hug them, play with them, laugh with them, and talk to them.

      Apes can be very funny and interactive. They could be a friend to you because of how happy and not vicious they are. I would want to have an ape as a friend if I could. Humans and apes lifestyles are different and similar in many ways. Apes kill prey to provide food for them and their families, just like humans do. We may not do it the same way because most families don’t kill there own food but other people do to put them in the markets.

      You probably could tell that apes look different than us in many ways but they are actually pretty similar. Some features that apes have is an unbalanced head, high narrow shoulders, wide chest, long forearms, long toes, and other things. Humans just have the opposite of all those things. So they are the same just the lengths of each part of our bodies is different. Apes are mammals just like us they have similar and different features, how they look, our lifestyles, and how apes and humans develop in different environments. Now that you know the similarities and differences, I hope you think of apes differently.


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