Why Is Sleep so Important?


Have you ever wondered how people wake up and look good in the morning? Sleep is what gives your body its natural beauty. When you get enough sleep it makes your body look refreshed and ready for the day to begin. Most girls wear makeup to make them look good everyday, but it’s actually getting enough sleep each night that is far more important. Getting enough sleep can also make your hair look better and even make you look younger. Sleep can do wondrous things for your body.

Sleep can put you in a happy mood for the rest of the day. By getting enough sleep it lets your body rest so that you can look refreshed and want to do your best for the rest of the day. Studies throughout the years have shown that by getting enough sleep it puts your brain in a positive mood. Throughout the day your body can think positively and have a positive outlook on life for the day.

Hair healthiness comes from enough sleep activity. While you are sleeping your hair is growing and is refurbishing. From 8-11pm at night your hair is hydrating and stimulating. Later in the night from 11pm-3am your hair is getting nutrition and is regenerating. Finally, your hair needs to rest for the rest of the night. This process is good for self esteem because it makes your look good for the whole day. This process repeats every night as long as you get the sleep you need.

Sleep helps your skin repair its damages. During a person’s deep sleep your cells regenerate, which makes your complexion look great. While sleeping your body can moisturize itself and give your body the natural shine it is supposed to have. By getting the sleep you need your skin can look flawless until the time you go to bed the next night.

Aging comes over time, but you can make yourself look younger by getting the right amount of sleep each night. During your sleep your skin is exposed to oxygen so it makes you look refreshed the following morning. Try to keep your room not too warm and a window open to allow the oxygen to keep flowing through the room to preserve the healthiness of your skin. As people get older, when they sleep there face starts to lose shape and that’s how the lines you see appear. Also try to sleep on your back so that your face can keep it’s shape and form.

Have you ever heard of beauty sleep? Well now you know it’s true! Sleep gives your body the chance to remain in it’s beautiful form. Sleep makes you look great and ready for the day to begin.