Laser Light Projectors: The New Christmas Tradition?

Laser Light Projectors: The New Christmas Tradition?

 Laser Projectors, the New Christmas Tradition? Houses raced past our vision as we sped down the road. The car slowly clambered up the long hill as our eyes were attracted to the many dazzling lights that were put up this Christmas. The newest lights were always shown in the neighborhood, and so far we had seen some of the most crazy, jaw dropping, and fantastic displays. As we slowly rolled to the top of the hill, one display caught all of our eyes. Dancing on the walls of a house were tiny dots of all types of color. We gazed in awe at the crazy patterns on the walls. On the lawn lay a little projector. Where did these small devices come from, and what are they?

     Laser projectors are the new fad for lighting up your house with ease. From strobe lights to winter style these small devices project quite a show on whatever you wish! Empty walls, Christmas trees, and open gardens are some of the many places that the projectors are famous for making Christmas spirit live. These small projectors were introduced 3 years ago, yet they didn’t catch on. What is so special about them that make them so popular now? The key factor that allowed these crazy extravagant little devices to be so favored this Christmas was the sheer inconvenience of having to climb up a ladder, and hook on the lights to the top of the roof. Many people have neighbors or family members that have caught on to the wonderful lasers and react the same way we did, but some say that they might just take over the original tradition of Christmas lights.

     At their headquarters in Golden, Colorado, the creators of the Laser Light Projectors devised a plan to create a device that was easy to mass produce, and took away the hassle of putting up lights. With a simple plug and a miniature projector, the laser light projector was born. Of course, one must have at least two hundred dollars to buy a single one of these, but some say it’s worth the price. The real question that arose many minds around is that will these expensive projectors take over Christmas? The average money spent by people at Christmas is 1.32 billion dollars. Imagine how much less that would be without the money spent on lights! These laser light images give not only your house jazz, but also allow for different shapes and sizes to appear.

     Although these devices threaten the nature of Christmas time, but many believe that as technology advances, so must Christmas. The newest technology is here in 2016 and people want to get in on the action. Jeffrey King, a subject to these lights, believes that they help take off the hard work that many people at Christmas time suffer from. “I feel like they are a lot easier to store and set up, and at the same time look really cool!” He states. Many people are like him today and rush to the store to find their very own light projector. Maybe even you want to get one right now! Pros that many people such as Jeffrey see of the Laser Light Projector are that it’s easy to store, looks amazing, and removes much of the stress of lights. Worried people rush to hire professionals to set up lights high in the sky while the simple Laser Light Projector could save you lots of money and time!

     Some people, however, don’t want these devices to take over their traditions that they hold dear through out Christmas time. Charlie Macdonald, whose neighbor has one of these lights feels as if they are, “Stealing Christmas with their super fancy displays…” He believes that they should not poison his holiday and the original lights should always be put up. Many people are like him and believe that these Laser Lights are not as appreciated as the hard work people go to honor traditions through Christmas time. Although they do take away much work, he believes that this work brings families together to help each other and feel pride in their work.

     No matter what side you’re on, Christmas has never been as fancy, colorful, and jolly ever before. With new technology, new joy is distributed throughout the world! So whichever side you’re on, projectors or lights, traditions can be made and practiced. The world is changing dramatically with technology, and some things must change with it, but there are always those little things that will never change, and it’s up to you to keep them. So what side will you choose?

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