Is Homework Good or Bad

Is Homework Good or Bad

Is homework good or bad

Pros and Cons of homework

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed when doing homework? Are you tired of late nights rushing to finish that last problem? Homework takes important time out of your day. You could be spending quality time with your family or friends catching up on all the latest news. Do you think homework is good or bad?


Homework can cause mood changes.

According to…homework/…/1eadd751fde12f4bef1dc5e8122b3473,“A 2002 study showed that showed a direct relationship between time on homework and increased anxiety, depression, anger, and other mood disturbances among students.” Homework is stressful, overwhelms children, and bores high achievers. Boredom can lead to trying less on homework which can lower the child’s grade and their self confidence.

Helping kids with homework.

Helping kids with homework to often can affect their grades. Getting used to help on homework can cause kids to not pay attention in class and just rely on that person to do their homework for them. If kids do rely on them they are not getting smarter and they are not learning anything. That can lower their grades and make them feel like they should not try. The more parents help with homework the more emotional tension it causes. Homework can cause fights because the child’s parents want them to do their homework but they are feel that homework is boring. Homework can divide families apart and cause bad feelings in the house.

Homework can cause sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is caused when children are not getting enough sleep each night. Teenagers need about 9 hours of sleep each night. If they are busy doing their homework it can be hard to get 9 hours of sleep if they have to be at school at a certain time early in the morning. It is hard to finish all of their homework and get enough sleep. Especially when each teacher gives kids homework like it is the only homework they are receiving.

Kids need to take their minds off of school.

Homework should not be assigned because kids need some time off school. Kids are already in school for almost six to seven hours five days of the week. They don’t need more multiple hours of homework added on to school. School and homework can take up seven to nine hours out of each day. Including the correct amount of sleep, kids could only have six to eight hours of free time.It seems like a lot but it isn’t. Schools encourage kids to do extra curricular activities and most kids actually do one or more of them. That can leave only a couple of hours to be spent with their family.

Too much homework leads to cheating.

Having too much homework can lead to some of it not being finished. One of the first things a student will do is ask someone for the answers to the homework. Then the student may think that copying is okay and then copying homework leads to bigger thing: cheating on a test. When a student cheats on a test the teacher will most likely give the student a zero. Then the student is confused because they think that it is okay to copy homework but it is not okay to copy down test answers.


Homework creates some responsibility.

Kids create a sense of responsibility when assigned homework. Their responsibility is to actually do the homework and turn it in on time. They are getting used to having multiple responsibilities like in the real world when they grow up into adults.

Students can bond with their teachers.

The student can go in after class with any questions or concerns with the assignment/homework and the teacher can assist them with the correct way to perform the task. This allows for a more comfortable working environment and the student feels comfortable communicating with the teacher.

Homework can bring families closer.

Homework can bring siblings/parents together when questions are asked on homework. This can help the student get a better understanding on the topic. Also, it can introduce parents to what the student is learning. The student can then learn from someone that they are familiar with and trust. The student can then pass on their knowledge and help people themselves which makes them feel good.

Homework can prepare the student for an upcoming test.

Homework can prepare students for an upcoming test or quiz. The homework may contain useful information that is required to know on the test/quiz. It may even contain a possible test/quiz question. If the student does their homework and does it correctly the student may receive a good grade on the test/quiz which boosts confidence.

Students can learn time management.

Students can learn how to manage their time wisely when assigned a lot of homework. The student can set up a schedule of what homework that they are going to do for a certain period of time. Time management is important because having good time management can make you prepared and doing everything.

Teachers also have feelings about homework and how it should be assigned. Mr. Coleman says, “ I think that homework can be a good thing if there is meaning and challenges the student. I am of the opinion, however, that too many teachers feel obligated to give homework and wind up assigning more than they probably have to. Once a student starts middle school, if all teachers believe this to be the case, a student can get overwhelmed pretty quickly.”

There are many Pros and Cons to homework and people could argue forever if it is useful or a waste of time. Everyone has their own opinion about homework and that is why I decided to write about the Pros and Cons of homework. No matter your opinion, homework does help and doesn’t help in its own ways. It all depends on how you think about it or whether you do it or not.