Hawaiian Monk Seals

Hawaiian Monk Seals

Author: Ethan 

What are Hawaiian Monk seals? Good question, nobody really ever thinks of this animal but actually this type of species is very rare and endangered. The Hawaiian monk seal looks different from other seals, first off their blubber is much silkier and shiny than other seals. Second off the monk seal is named for its folds on their heads that look like a monk’s hood. Third off they are about seven feet to seven and a half feet. Last of all they eat fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans. I got interested in these species of seals and seals in all when I went to San Fransisco for thanksgiving break and visited the marine mammal center and learned about all the different tyseals. It was very inspiring and I would recommend visiting that place or their websites of

to anyone.

You can only find this Seal in Hawaii, and even if you go to Hawaii you may never see one because they are so rare. You see the problem here is that these seals are going extinct because of the environment, they are actually going extinct of human beings just like yourself. That one lollipop wrapper that you think will do no harm is the reason why they are going extinct. The lollipop wrapper itself probably won’t do much harm but those little things build and create an unhealthy environment for the sea creatures.

So, how do you help these animals? Well there are many different ways you can help these animals. One of these ways are throwing away your trash. Around 80% of seals are injured or killed by trash pollution including 215 more Hawaiian Monk seals this year. There are only 1,100 of them left in the whole world. Another way to help these seals or any seal is by adop one, I myself have adopted one named Kp2, a Hawaiian Monk seal. You can donate $30 dollars or more a year, I donate $200 but even $30 will help a year. Every single dollar that is donated is one more pound of fish for the injured seals that are at animal centers. Just know that each day the seals at one animal center eat over 1,000 pounds of fish.

Another way you can help is by volunteering at an animal center, but of course you need to be 15 or older, so I won’t go into that way to help. You can also do trash pickup on the beaches of California, that will help the seals a lot because most of the trash on the beach, actually all of the trash on the beach is swept or blown into the ocean and drifts to all different places, it depends on where the current is headed. Not just seals are getting injured or killed by trash and us, all sea creatures are getting harmed by us. So next time you think about throwing that tiny rapper on the ground, think again. Do you really want a baby seal to be injured or more likely die because of you?