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Flint Michigan’s Water Crisis

As of 2014 Flint, Michigan a small “penury” (poor) town of about 98,000 had their water supply changed from Lake Huron.

(The Flint, Michigan Water Plant)

From Lake Huron they changed it to the Flint River. The Flint River was a source for Flint, Michigan, however; until 1967 when they switched to Lake Huron, purchasing water from Detroit which is 90 miles away from Flint. Weeks after Flint changed their water supply people of Flint started reporting numerous complaints like how they are getting sick from the water they’re drinking, the color of the water is strange, and people bathing in the water received rashes. The reason for this is that, because of the fecal coli-form bacteria. The fecal coli-form is a facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped, gram-negative, non-sporulating bacterium. So basically it’s a bacteria that eats away at things. Coli-form bacteria generally originates in the intestines of warm-blooded animals. This made the water in Flint toxic allowing it to eat away at the lead pipes that run through Flint giving people lead poisoning. Click (Here) to learn more about the coli-form bacteria. 

(The Coli-form Bacteria)

Flint’s voice went unheard for two years until today when the word spread across many news channels, for example CNN, and it has become a recurring theme. Michigan governor Rick Snyder was the man who changed the water supply unknowing about the dangerous waters of the Flint River. Here were his first words on this catastrophe, Can we deploy appropriate personnel from other county health agencies to help inspecting homes for possible other causes? In other words, it won’t do any good to invest more in water infrastructure if we’re finding window sills with teeth marks. I say this NOT to downplay the role that water lead levels may have played. But can we get Habitat for Humanity for example, to do a massive volunteer effort to eradicate lead paint in homes… or is that beyond their expertise.

Rick Snyder at first was calling out to different organizations to help with what was happening with Flint, but he didn’t realize why the water was caustic. Now after realizing the cause of why Flint’s water is toxic he distributed filters allowing for people to drink much cleaner water from their faucets. Rick Snyder declared he would drink the filtered water from Flint for 30 days to show the residents of Flint the water coming out of their faucets is no longer toxic and lead filled, however; this doesn’t completely confirm that the water is safe to children and pregnant women.

Rick Snyder being 53, he is a middle aged man with a brain that can’t be altered by lead lined water, because lead can only affect brains that are in development.This means anybody under the age of about 25 years old could be at risk to the water. Pregnant women aren’t safe either, because it could cause birth defects for their children. For example mental illness, deformations, and heart defects could occur causing them to most likely die shortly after being born.

(Convoy of Hope Shipment)

Presently Flint, Michigan’s pipes have been under construction and a company called ConvoyofHope sent 300 truckloads of bottled water for the people to drink, to cook with, and to bathe in. The people in Flint are thankful, but are still waiting for the pipes to be repaired and the water supply to be changed. More information in the videos below.

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